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Be Professional

Be.Professional, was created to allow you to create beauty. The amalgamation of refined elegance on the outside with eco-innovating technology inside offers you everything you could imagine in one stunning package. Be.Professional offers premium tools, along with the support of our customized education.



As pioneers in the hair tool industry, Be.Professional continues to set the standard in quality and Stylist relationship-building. We want to support our stylist community partners as they design and create the gorgeous hairstyles of their dreams. We want you to help your clients to look beautiful, so that you look good in their eyes, too. Working with our styling tools will improve the integrity of the hair as well as the integrity of the stylist and make your world filled with beauty.


the Refined, Innovative Movement

Introducing a range of styling tools made exclusively for this generation! Eco-Conscious Styling tools featuring outstanding technology to provide unrivaled results.


Thermolon™ is an inorganic water-based mineral compound that creates a smooth unique coating. This coating is not only the most advanced and most sophisticated technological advance to the hair industry, it is also eco-friendly in terms of production, it reduces toxic emissions by up to 60%, producing a low carbon footprint.


Thermolon™ coating has a superb resistance against scratches and aggressive hair styling chemicals, which ensures that the styling tool retains a non-stick capability forever. Thermolon will ensure no build-up of product on the tool, to allow it to remain looking brand new for longer.

Even Heat

Thermolon™ distributes heat evenly and efficiently through the plates, up to 450°F, with minimal heat loss. The technology in the tools provides continuous heat recovery. Teamed together, these technologies provide the most gentle, most effective and most healthy combination for heat styling.

Easy to Clean

Because of its non-stick coating, the plates remain sanitary since there is no chemical build-up and cleaning is easy. By passing a terry towel over its surface, you will not only be keeping the plates clean, but also ensuring the durability of the product. This teamed with the high temperate control allows you to ensure that the stylers remain hygienic for use on each and every client.