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(Photo courtesy of City of Hair)   Know her face, do her hair. Pretty obvious. Part of your role as a hair stylist is knowing what kind of hair is most flattering for every client. First things first, what is her overall face shape? Does your client know her own face? It

Curly, straight, wavy, thick, thin, textured, weaves…whatever your client’s hair is or whatever they want it to be, you as the stylist have the same responsibility: to bring out their beauty. The diversity of your shop may or not include all hair types. But you should be

Salon owners and stylists have different ways of paying stylists. They each have their advantages and their disadvantages.   In a salary model, the salon owner pays a straight up salary or salary base to the stylists. There may be additional commission-related perks.   Advantages: For the salon owner, you know that

Hair Stylists are constantly evaluating  their pay structure and their working environments. Part of this calculus is determining if a commission-based salon or a booth rental salon is the best environment and the most profitable. There are many aspects of each that are desirable and some that