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Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Winter Hair Care

Are you styling hair in a cold place? We don’t have to tell you how hair changes in colder temperatures. Static, flyaways, limp hair, it’s all part of the winter landscape. But, it’s up to you to teach your clients how to care for their hair during the months ahead.


Humid no more: If you’re in a humid area (think coastal areas and the deep South), your clients fight humidity the rest of the year. Now, in the midst of winter, the lack of humidity actually is a problem. Their hair is in danger of being beset with static and their skin, including their scalp, could use some deep moisturization.


Hydrate that Hair: During winter it is critical for your clients to use hydrating shampoo, conditioners and even masques and deep conditioning treatment. Leave in sprays are awesome to apply just before bundling up. Explain to your clients how dry air affects their hair and suggest the best products for them. This is a great time to get fabulous product into their hands and help you meet your sales target, too.


Cover and Run: Hair absolutely benefits from being covered in severe, cold weather. Scarves, hats, they all do the trick and are critical for textured hair in particular. Looser is better for textured hair, but does not always provide enough warmth. An under-layer of silk can provide a nice barrier between the hair and woolens, which keeps static electricity at bay.


Cut and Dry: For severe winters where clients are regularly wearing hats and scarves, the opportunity for shorter hair presents itself. It’s easier to care for. Curly girls will particularly enjoy shorter, curly hair during the winter, because their hair will be easier to manage.


Remind all your clients that they must, must, must fully dry hair before going outside in the cold air, and just as importantly, they must not put their still-wet hair in braids, buns or updos.


Less Wash?: Dried hair and scalps benefit from longer times between washings, allowing natural oils to bathe hair in moisture.


A Paler Palette: Help your clients choose appropriate highlights and other color treatments that complement their skin tone. Clients might be paler in the winter, so you might have to make adjustments in hair color.


Bristles and Brushes: Winter is a terrible time for plastic bristles, as they are major conduits for static. Show your client the benefits of boar bristles and other types of brushes  and encourage them to ditch plastic brushes for a while at least.Make sure they understand that natural-bristled brushes are far more efficient at distributing the natural scalp oils along the full length of the strands of the hair, which can really help in stopping static from building up.


You’re the hair expert all year-long. Show off your mastery of the seasons by giving great advice to your clients and customers. Helping everyone look their best no matter what the temperature makes you look great, too!

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