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Curly, straight, wavy, thick, thin, textured, weaves…whatever your client’s hair is or whatever they want it to be, you as the stylist have the same responsibility: to bring out their beauty. The diversity of your shop may or not include all hair types. But you should be

We get it. You might not be the scrapbooking type. You believe in word of mouth and you utilize your phone for social media. Why portfolio? It’s time to be a grown-up. And grown-up hairstylists need a portfolio that is up-to-date, useful and serves not only as a

You’ve met with your client, consulted on their hair needs, prepped them expertly and then you see the head nod and hear that classic deep, relaxed breathing. They’ve fallen asleep! Is your first thought, “How rude?” It’s time to reframe. Clients fall asleep in the chair for a number

If you’ve been in the stylist business for any length of time, you’ve developed close relationships with clients. There is an intimacy, because you’re touching their hair. Typically, you share stories of your lives, sometimes even connecting at a very deep level. Women see their stylist as their

  It’s a big day for the bride and her family and friends. She will be the center of attention and she, naturally, wants to look her best. And she’s depending on you to help her look her best. We’ve compiled the best advice from lots of trusted resources

Consider a wedding like a big project from back in your days in school. Before you could start to write, you had to do your research. It’s the same way when planning to style a bride’s hair. You need to do your research. Pre-Wedding Consultation Plan a meeting with