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Do You Lose When They Snooze? What Happens when your Client Sleeps in the Chair?

You’ve met with your client, consulted on their hair needs, prepped them expertly and then you see the head nod and hear that classic deep, relaxed breathing. They’ve fallen asleep!

Is your first thought, “How rude?”

It’s time to reframe. Clients fall asleep in the chair for a number of reasons, including:

  • They’re so comfortable with you that they actually just give in to sleepy feelings.
  • They are generally sleep deprived and regularly fall asleep watching TV, at movies, etc. We know somebody who has never heard the seat belt announcement on an airplane as they are asleep as soon as they settle into their seat. Especially when clients are scheduled for more time-consuming procedures like colors and treatments, they may be even more susceptible to a little power nap.
  • Many people find the sensation of someone touching their hair and massaging their scalp to be EXTREMELY relaxing.

Before you see someone fall asleep, you might want to let them know that they are welcome to go ahead and fall asleep, but you might need to wake them at times to get their hair in the correct position.

Some stylists find it incredibly boring to style a sleeping person’s hair and it feels like an affront. Others find the break from having to be conversational a bit relaxing themselves.

Although the stereotypical hair appointment includes conversation and repartee, that is not universally loved. Some salons actually encourage “quiet time”. At the Bauhaus salons in Cardiff, Wales, you can reserve a quiet chair if you don’t want to talk at all during your styling sessions. Some clients see the salon as a break from the rat race and just want to go to their Zen place. Let them.

Ultimately, it’s a compliment if somebody sleeps in your chair. It means that they place absolute trust in you and have no need to check up on your progress. They know they will be treated well and you will help them enhance their attractiveness, even if their watchful eye is closed.

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