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Plug your styling tool into a suitable socket. Turn on the iron or curler by pressing and holding the O/I button. The temperature will automatically set the temperature at which the tool was set. The iron is equipped with an auto-off timer which you can set. To set the automatic timer, press and hold the “-” or down button. The LCD screen will change from showing the temperature to minutes. Minutes range from 0 – 120 minutes in ten-minute increments. Once the digital screen reads minutes you may adjust the auto shut off time from 0 – 120 minutes. Once you have it set to the desired time, wait a moment for it to register and the screen will return to the temperature setting. The auto shut off feature is now set until you choose to change it again by repeating the process above.


It is important to read all the safety instructions before using your Be Professional Flat Iron and to save them for future reference or new users. Remember this is an electrical device and the clamping plates are intended to reach very high temperatures up to 450° F (230° C).

  • Keep this appliance out of the reach of children.
  • WARNING! To protect against electric shock, never allow the appliance, its cord or plug to come in contact with water or any liquid. Do not use in bathtub or shower. Do not place near sinks or baths or anywhere the unit may fall in liquid.
  • NEVER reach for any electrical appliance that has fallen into the water. Switch off the power supply at the main breaker, then unplug. DO NOT attempt to re-use iron if it has been submerged in water.
  • Do not handle with wet hands. Ensure that hands are dry before operating or adjusting any switch on the unit or touching the plug.
  • To avoid potential damage to property, never leave unattended while plugged in.
  • Unplug after use. If iron is switched off, the electrical current still reaches the iron.
  • Use close supervision when the iron is being used by, on or near children.
  • Keep cord away from heated surfaces. Do not wrap the cord around the iron.
  • When heated, DO NOT touch with bare skin or put down on bare surfaces.
  • Always inspect appliance before use. Pay particular attention to the condition of the cord and plug. DO NOT use with a damaged cord or plug.
  • Do not use if the appliance has been dropped, left outdoors, submerged in water or if it is not working according to instructions.
  • WARNING! If any malfunction occurs, do not attempt to repair it. This appliance has no user serviceable parts.


Plug your styling tool into a suitable socket. Turn on the iron or curler by pressing and holding the O/I button. The temperature will automatically set to the last temperature in which the tool was set. The iron is equipped to read either Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees. To switch from one to the other simply press and hold the “+” or up button until the temperature reading changes to the desired Fahrenheit or Celsius reading.


When not in use, your tool should be unplugged. Allow it to cool and store in a safe, dry location, out of reach of children. Do not wrap line cord around the tool. Allow the cord to hang or lie loose.


Unplug the tool and allow it to cool. The tool must be cleaned ONLY when cold to the touch. Use the Be Professional Cleaning Towel, microfiber, or terry towel to remove any dirt or excess build-up from conditioners, keratin and/or styling products. With Thermolon Non-Stick coating, all you need is a dry towel! Do not use any water or any other liquid because it may go inside the handle of the iron leading to a shorter life span or electrical shortage.


These appliances require little maintenance and contain no user serviceable part. Do not try to fix it yourself. Refer it to qualified service personnel if servicing is needed.

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The Be Professional Flat Iron provides you with the ability to create any style or finish you desire:

  • Straight: Insert a 2-inch section of hair between the plates, then squeeze the handle together and glide slowly through the hair from the roots to the ends.
  • Soft Curls: Insert a 2-inch section of hair between the plates, then gently squeeze the handle together and glide the iron to the ends, while winding the hair around the plates.
  • Flip-Out: Insert a 2-inch section of hair between the plates, then squeeze the handle together and slowly glide hair together beginning at the roots, slightly flipping out the ends.
  • Flip-In: Insert a 2-inch section of hair between the plates, then squeeze the handle together and slowly glide hair together beginning at the roots, slightly flipping in the ends.


Special Attention: Your new iron is designed with a protective coating around the heating coils. When plugged in and operating for the FIRST time, there may be a little momentary smoking while the coating is initially heated. This represents no danger to the user and does not indicate a defect in your flat iron. When using for the FIRST time, allow flat iron to continue running until the smoke dissipates. This should last only about 30 seconds.


For complete styling, hair should be clean, dry and free from dirt, hairspray, creams, etc. Our curling iron can always be used for quick touch ups and rescues any time.

Preheat: Rest the curling iron safely on a smooth flat surface and plug it in. Set the heat switch on the High or Low position and allow curling iron to heat fully (approximately 5 minutes). Use High heat for normal, easy or hard to curl hair. Simply hold hair already wound around the barrel for a bit longer for hair that resists curling. Use Low heat for hair that has been color treated or is fragile or damaged.

  1. Place glove on the hand in which you hold the hair
  2. Select a small even strand of hair to place in a curl
  3. Place base of the handle near the scalp of your head with tip facing down
  4. Wrap hair from the base of the curling wand to the tip in a downward direction
  5. Hold for 2 to 5 seconds
  6. Without pulling curling iron down, release hair from tip allowing hair to slide out
  7. Slide curling wand out of the hair. DO NOT pull it down; it will make the curl tangle
  8. For Tight Curls or Hard to Curl Hair:  Hold curling iron in place for up to 20 seconds
  9. For Loose Curls or Waves:  Hold curling iron in place for less than 20 seconds



WARNING! Do not attempt to remove a hot want without the glove. Place the Be Professional glove on the hand in which you plan to use for holding the hot wand being removed. It is recommended that you turn the handle to the OFF position. Press the Locking Button on the handle of the 4-IN-1 and the wand will release from the handle. Place the hot wand on a surface that safe from rolling and is resistant to heat. Find the correct size wand that you are looking to use next and line up the arrows on the wand and the handle. Press the end of the wand firmly until the wand is firmly seated into the handle. Check to assure that the wand is locked into place before proceeding.


The Be Professional Dryer provides you with the perfect tool to achieve that beautifully finished style every time. The following are a few styling tips that may help you achieve that perfect finish:

Body and Volume: To create extra volume, turn head upside down while drying. Position the airflow toward the roots for maximum lift. When hair is dry, toss head back and brush hair into place.

Making Waves: Tousled, natural-looking waves are easily created by grasping hair and scrunching between fingertips while drying.

Straightening: Work with hair in sections when creating a super straight look. Using a flat brush, hold hair taut in each section as you dry through to the ends.

Drying Basics:

  • Wash hair and rough dry to remove excess moisture
  • Using the hair dryer along with your styling brush, direct hot hair through one section of hair at a time. Direct airflow at hair, not at the scalp
  • Concentrator attachment is designed to dry the top and bottom layers of hair while applying gusts of hair to quickly dry the hair root. To add volume or to curl the ends of your hair, use the attachment in the same manner
  • To avoid over-drying, do not concentrate on one section for a long period of time. Keep dryer airflow moving as you style

For quick touch-ups between hair washings, dampen hair and use the dryer as indicated above.

The Be Professional Dryer offers our new Be Conscious technology. The digital readout allows you to select the precise airflow and temperature you desire to achieve the perfect results.

  • When the dryer is in the HEAT mode the digital screen will be RED
  • When the dryer is in the COOL mode the digital screen will be BLUE
  • To obtain the COOL mode press the Cool Shot button one time and it will stay locked in the COOL mode until you press the Cool Shot button again to unlock
  • To adjust the TEMPERATURE of the dryer use the top set of “+” and “-” switches.  Press the “+” switch to increase the temperature and “-” switch to lower the temperature

To adjust the AIR FLOW of the dryers use the bottom set of “+” and “-” switches.  Press the “+” to increase airflow and the “-“ to decrease airflow