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Fashion Forward and Eclectic: The Fall 2017 Hair Trends

The fashion scene for Fall of 2017 had a huge variety of hair fashion. This is great news for all of us, because there is not one monolithic vision of how hair should look. There was incredible diversity of hair length, color, texture and style. There is a new look to inspire every client.

For the stylist, there is also a great variety. Hair styles on display ran the gamut from looking faux-messy (think beachy waves, but longer) to ultra-sleek and finished.

Some common themes that we did notice:

  • Color is King. From the DIY look of hair ends dipped in wild primary and secondary colors to purposefully showing brown or black roots under brighter blonde shades to blonde and caramel highlights peeking out of darker locks, the theme was clear. Show your true colors and show some that clearly don’t belong to you. No blahs, only ahhhs!
  • The low pony tail. This look was everywhere, but stylists know this is not a great look for all faces, favoring those with narrower cheekbones and relatively straight hair. The low ponies were all tied below the nape of the neck and the “tail” was shown lightly styled and accessorized somewhat simply.
  • Curly Bangs. This look was modeled in all types of hair textures but not too many lengths. Chin length hair seems the ideal beginning for this look. Bangs were left hanging out and weren’t straightened or smoothed, but were waved a little bit or finger dried and then sprayed or moussed. Another take on this was leaving face-framing tendrils when hair was pulled back into a bun.
  • Loose braids and weavings. We didn’t see tighter cornrows as much this season (although we see them still on the streets, in the clubs, at schools and in offices). But on the runway, there were lots of loose braids, plaits and weaves, sometimes with the natural hair, sometimes with extensions. They tended to be tied rather low and were hanging over the left or right shoulder, often embellished with bows, ribbons and sequins.
  • Sleek and sophisticated. Tightly pulled back buns, chignons and updos with definitive side parts and gelled, ultra-smooth hair. Think dance recital and the Oscars put together. As you know, this look is relatively achievable for for nearly all hair types with the right amount of product and there is an elegant, lustrous simplicity to it.
  • Natural curls. Yes, curls with definition that looked healthy and hydrated, but natural, not treated, not pulled back, just out there in all their glory. It was refreshing to see that not every head of hair was ultra-straight and smooth.

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