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Holiday Glam Guide for Stylists

We hope you’re busy as a Christmas elf right about now! That magical time between Thanksgiving and Christmas usually means more cash in for salon owners and stylists.

Could there be any down side?


You can be so busy that you actually get into a rut. Be sure you’re not offering business as usual and are really upgrading your game, hitting the glamour high notes and making everybody look their holiday best, so you look your professional best.

  1. Encourage your clients to create a complete look. Ask if there’s a special event tonight or this weekend, what will she be wearing, how will she be accessorizing.
  2. Offer your advice if it’s good. If her face shape and an updo would go well with a certain type of earring, let her know.
  3. Sell the product to maintain the look through the evening and even the next day. As you’re styling, you should mention what products you are using and why. Let the client hold the bottle while you describe why you are using it. Conversion rate=cha-ching!
  4. Try to judge the glam level of the event and the client. A lovely chignon might be better for the cocktail party than the office bowling/Christmas potluck.
  5. If you’re doing a regular haircut and there’s no changes being made, make sure that the client doesn’t want something special to look distinct for the night. An accessory? A little bit of wave or curl?
  6. Gauge the “lifestyle” of your client. Is she running in for an updo, heading home to feed her kids and then throwing on a party dress to go to a fancy shindig downtown? If so, she needs a hairstyle that will really, really stay intact. OR she needs something she can style and touch up herself. What’s her tolerance, what does she feel competent to do? You can be her hero and give her just what she wants.
  7. Salon selfies! Don’t forget to get a great snap of your work. You may not be able to post it right away, but you’ll want it later or even for next year.

Holidays are fun, festive, hectic and ultimately, great. Be professional and show off your best, most creative, most glamorous, most flattering looks for your clients.

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