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I Do Your Do: Wedding Tips for Hair Stylists


It’s a big day for the bride and her family and friends. She will be the center of attention and she, naturally, wants to look her best. And she’s depending on you to help her look her best.

We’ve compiled the best advice from lots of trusted resources and created this list of things to remember and items to bring with you, especially if you have to do the styling at the venue and not at your salon.

Items to Bring or Have On Hand:

  • Every possible hair product! Put significant thought and plan ahead regarding the expected weather and the hair needs of the various people you will be styling.
  • Variety of sizes of brushes
  • Your most ergonomic, lightweight, powerful blow dryer
  • Elastics, ties and bungees, as well as so many bobby pins
  • Curling iron and flat iron
  • A power strip and extension cords, just because you never know what the electrical situation will be and having to unplug and replug in appliances and allowing them to sufficiently heat because there’s not enough outlets eats up valuable time.
  • Food and drink for you (whether you’re at your salon or at the wedding venue). You don’t know if you’ll get even 1 minute to yourself. So bring some bottled water and some quick snacks, like peanut butter crackers or protein bars or dried fruit or jerky. You need quick calories that you can inhale, that will give you energy and not be messy to eat.
  • Breath mints or gum as you’ll be in close proximity to people for a lot of time.
  • Cape
  • Towels (many)
  • Band-aids for minor injuries (hopefully you won’t ever need them).


Don’t Forget to…

  • Have the photographer get a couple of really high quality printed photos for your own portfolio (You may have to make arrangements to pay him or her and/or barter with him for a free photo if the print has the photographer’s name prominently on display.)
  • Use your phone to take a quick photo, so you can post your beautiful work on your own social media channels. No need to name the bride (and you can take the photo from the back of the head or from the top), and don’t let the geolocator show where you are. Just post with “Had a great time doing what I love at a fabulous wedding…”
  • Bring business cards with you. Don’t be pushy, but have them tastefully available. Be sure to give one to the photographer and other vendors, so you can recommend one another to future clients.
  • Get your money before you leave. It’s not rude. It’s how you make your living. Don’t put off getting paid just because it’s a busy time. It’s your right and hopefully, it’s in your contract.
  • After the day is over, take some time to reflect. Yes, you’ll be exhausted, but ask yourself if you enjoyed the hectic, exciting pace or not. It’s really important that you only take on these huge undertakings if you’re all in. If you’ve lost your passion or energy for elaborate, high-pressure events, don’t say yes in the future. Bridal hair styling should only be in the hands of people who love it.


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