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Party-Proof Her Hair!

You’ve done your finest work: cut, colored, waved, straightened, flipped, and smoothed her hair. She’s ready to rock, or is she?

One of the most important tasks in finishing her look is to be sure that her hairstyle can handle the evening’s fun and fury.

You know what to do, but can your client help herself? Now’s your time to educate her.

Evaluate the Environment:

Will she be out in the elements? Is it humid? Will she be dancing? Will she be on a hot dance floor? A party boat? Will she be doing public speaking? Find out so you can give the best recommendations.

Do the Right Do:

Glamorous and elegant, the updo is a holiday favorite. But they are not all the same. Some are more user-friendly than others. You really do best when the elements are going to be extreme (hot and humid, particularly physical like dancing or even windy) to go in one of two directions: tight or loose. By tight, we mean sleek and sculptured, like a tight bun (think shellacked!). By loose, having looser tendrils, braids that drape can also camouflage by not ever having to look perfect.

Bobby Pin Basics:

You know that sprayed bobby pins work great, you know which way is actually up (so many people do it wrong!) and you know how to use bobby pins in an x-formation. But she might not know. Do some bobby pin basic education just to help her out tonight and even in the future. These tips are awesome. Share the knowledge!

Product Placement:

Be sure she knows what you have used to style, finish and hold her hair and recommend that she use a really powerful, holding product. This is an ideal time to give her great product that you know works. Most likely, you won’t even have to hard-sell. This is a necessity and without holding products, all your work can be easily erased! So the product is a money-saver as well as making her selfie-worthy for the rest of the night.

Your goal should always be to keep your client beautiful, not just to make her gorgeous for the “reveal” moment in your salon. With a little bit of coaching from you, her great looks will stay with her throughout the night, provided of course, by you!

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