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Play the Matching Game: The Most Flattering Hairstyle for Different Shaped Faces

(Photo courtesy of City of Hair)


Know her face, do her hair.

Pretty obvious. Part of your role as a hair stylist is knowing what kind of hair is most flattering for every client.

First things first, what is her overall face shape?

Does your client know her own face? It seems like a silly question, but it’s worth asking. You’d be surprised that some clients don’t even have a sense of their own face shape.

It’s time for an effective stylist consultation: You can be direct by saying, “I think that this style would be really flattering for your face shape, because….” The client may not choose this style; maybe it requires too much upkeep or maybe they aren’t ready for a drastic cut, or perhaps they just don’t want to make a change.

Getting to the right cut and style may end up being a compromise, but at least you will have offered the most flattering options or at least components of the haircut. So, if she’s not willing to go to a bob, that’s okay. Maybe layering or the bangs would be flattering in the cut she eventually chooses.

There are a wide variety of face shapes. We will make suggestions with the most prevalent ones. Be aware that these are not hard and fast rules. Every face is different and some people might look awesome with an element that may not be flattering for other clients with similarly shaped faces.

Round faces often require the most finesse. Often, these are just chubby little faces. But sometimes they’re also atop plus sized bodies. Hair should not only be flattering on the face, but also draw the eye upwards away from problem body areas.

Great bets for round faces are: elongated or assymetric bangs, (not straight), lobs, mid-length hair and lots of layers. Round faces rock the shag, as it has everything: a little bot of length, texture and volume below the chin. Pixies are a risk, but can be cute if there is some texturing or even a choppiness, which is also the case for a chin-length bob. Volume in the top is also perfect, as are deep side parts.

Oval faces can lord their blessings over their friends and sisters, as oval faces are just simply the easiest palette on which to design your hairstyle creations. They can handle just about anything. Nearly everything is flattering on oval faces, so bolder styles are a great choice (will she let you experiment?). Center parts are awesome, waves mid-length or longer are quite lovely, especially with highlights by the temples. Bobs and lobs are great, especially with side bangs. Pixie? Yes, even better paired with slightly shaggy bangs.

Jaw lines that are the same width as the hairline, but without the chubby cheeks? That’s a square shape. An off-center part is ideal, especially if it’s a component of a long, straight, smooth hair style. A lob is ideal and a bob can be flattering if it has a tousled, messy look.

Does your client resemble Reese Witherspoon with a pointier chin, and a face that is wider at temples than at jaw? She is the sweet owner of a heart-shaped face. Steer clear of styles that accentuate the pointy chin, so a bob with volume is an excellent choice. Shorter cuts might be just perfect. Some experts recommend bangs and others caution against. Use your own practiced eye. Longer hairstyles need to have some waves towards the bottom to create some width. Again, a side part is great for this hairstyle (great for all the hairstyles, except the oval shape.)

The oblong face has the exact opposite issues from the rounder face. If your client has that Sarah Jessica Parker look, you want to create width and volume. Shorter is better, but longer hairstyles that incorporate lots of layering and waves can be lovely. Bangs are ideal on this shape, especially when paired with a mid-length or off center bob.

Use your experience and your eye for beauty, along with your communication skills, to elicit what your client wants and to create the most flattering hairstyle for her face shape.

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