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Setting up a Salon Selfie Station

The selfie: the star of social media channels everywhere. It’s spawned a stick, a famous family of fame-obsessed women and in many ways, has been a boon to the beauty industry.

Salon selfies are great for you and your salon. They show off your amazing talents and you get literally free advertising, possibly from some pretty influential clients.

So make it easier by creating a selfie station at your salon.

Create the space.

You want your clients to take a selfie and promote you after you’ve made them gorgeous. With a little bit of effort on your part, you can get great word of mouth and your clients will be doing most of the work.

If you have room in the salon, create a space (an unused piece of wall, an unoccupied booth, a corner by the reception desk or even a great outside place if your salon is in a temperate zone) that has a great backdrop for selfies (not too busy and without a mirror is possible). A white background is classic, but it doesn’t have to be that neutral.

Make sure there is fabulous lighting, which could be sunlight, but you might want a more stable light source to account for cloudy days or nighttime salon hours during the dead of winter. Explore LED lighting or vanity lighting. Experiment until you get the best combination.

Next, brand your selfie space. Hang a simple sign in the area with the salon’s name and logo. It can say selfie station, but it doesn’t have to.

Are you a booth renter and the owner isn’t interested in a selfie station? No problem. Add a little sign to your mirror either with your name or maybe your Instagram or Twitter handle.

Get the client to take the selfie in the station.

At the beginning of the hair session, you can ask if they want to take before and after pictures. Then they’re already committed to the selfie station.

Following the beauty appointment, once you’re ascertained that they are happy with their look, you should mention that you have a selfie station. Offer to take their picture if they would rather (they are more flattering). Go with them as they take their selfie so you can offer to help them have the best lighting and angle. Most importantly, be sure they text their selfie to you (and you have permission to share). Keep the image in your electronic portfolio (see our blog on portfolios: //beprousa.com/the-all-about-me-book-your-own-portfolio/)

Selfies are a big part of modern expression, helping people to stay connected and showing to the world the confidence that clients feel. By facilitating this art form, you not only allow your client to express herself and share her beauty, you are enabling your client to grow your business, too.

For your own self, get on the selfie bandwagon.

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