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She Just Got Engaged: Time to Make a Bid to Style Her for the Wedding!

The Valentine’s news is awesome: your client has gotten engaged.

Are you ready to bid to do her hair for her big day?

What about her bridal party? 

Are you attracting clients who are looking for wedding stylists?

First of all, if you don’t want to do weddings, absolutely don’t do them. They can be stressful and you have to love the commotion, the stress, the fast pace and the need to be unbelievably flexible. They can be hard on you physically: on your feet for a really long time with absolutely no time for a meal break. So, if you’re not 100% all in, then let other stylists take the gig.

If you do want to style the bride and more for her wedding, you need to examine your marketing materials and how you interact with bride-to-be.

Consider these self-marketing ideas, ways to show that you are up to the task and a resident expert:

  1. How is your salon’s website? Does it showcase bridal services with fabulous photos? If not, it’s time to spend some time on this. If you have some great hair shots, be sure to post them.
  2. If you haven’t managed to obtain great hair shots, contact a previous client or better, the photographer who shot the wedding. The photographer may be willing to either sell you the image or may be willing to give you the image if you make wedding referrals for him.
  3. Ask clients whose hair you did for their wedding to write a review for your website. Even more importantly, are they willing to review you on Google and Yelp as well as Facebook? If so, that is awesome! Potential clients trust online reviews nearly as much as personal recommendations.
  4. Consider the bridal experience. What can you promise? Can you give the bridal party privacy for prep time? Can you have champagne or light nibbles brought in? Can you increase your staffing if you need extra hands for multiple bridal parties?
  5. Do you have a portfolio of your own work? If you do, again, be sure that it has a wedding section.
  6. Create some great collateral like a wedding brochure and go network with other wedding vendors like caterers, hotels and venues, wedding planners (especially ones you know personally), spas and makeup artists.
  7. Hand off your brochures, take some of theirs and even work out some sort of referral system, where they get a referral bonus if they send business your way. Make it reciprocal.
  8. Consider what services you are comfortable providing and if you want to include a price list or not on brochures or the websites. Don’t undercut yourself on price!

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