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Shear Joy or Sheer Madness: Are Your Scissors Working for You?

It’s in the palm of your hands. That’s right: your shears, your scissors.

You spend more time with your cutting buddies than you do with any of your actual friends. So, how are you getting along or is it time to make some new friends?

Size matters. You need different lengths of blades for not only the type of styling you are doing, but also to match your hands, your wrists and your own styling personality. Shorter blades are easier to control, but longer blades can allow you to be efficient and may be more comfortable.

Comfort is key. Try out a variety of shears and figure out which grip is not only comfortable, but stays comfortable all day. Granted, your hands might be killing you at the end of the day, but in general, how does every pair of shears you try feel after 30 minutes and after lunch? Test out different configurations of finger rests and try the shears in the position that you cut. Is the handle comfortable or awkward? Do you prefer a straight handle or an offset handle? Are multiple or single finger rests better? Do the finger rests give you more control and feel better or are they awkward?

Standing on the Edge: You will typically need some sword edges for precision cutting (around the ears, at the nape of the neck) and also a rounded edge (clamshell) shears which create a softer, even slightly fuzzier feel.

Share with your friends. If you admire somebody’s technique, check out how they use their tools (watch along while they style somebody) and ask to borrow a pair of shears  you’re never used before and give it a shot. You might particularly watch for people whose hands are the same size as yours and are left-handed or right-handed, just like you.

Make smart choices. Shears are an investment and can be expensive. Create a toolkit of a variety of shears and take care of each of them, keeping them clean and sharp. Purchase shears from reputable vendors only.

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