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The All About Me Book: Your Own Portfolio

We get it. You might not be the scrapbooking type. You believe in word of mouth and you utilize your phone for social media. Why portfolio?

It’s time to be a grown-up. And grown-up hairstylists need a portfolio that is up-to-date, useful and serves not only as a marketing tool for yourself, but also as point of pride in your accomplishments and an ongoing source of inspiration.

The portfolio is great to present to prospective employers and prospective clients.

So, what should the best portfolios contain?

  • Awesome, high quality images of your work. If you have to print images from your phone, print them on great paper. If you’re doing a wedding, purchase an image of the bride or the bridal party if you’re particularly proud of their hair. Perhaps you can develop a bartering relationship with the photographer where you recommend him or her to future brides if he or she will provide you a photo that highlights your work.
  • A variety of images. Don’t just show brides with the same updo’s over and over. Show different ages, hair textures and styles. You may end up becoming the go-to person for a certain type of service whether it’s quinceneras, cancer recovery, or your special holiday braids.
  • Copies of your certifications, training and licenses.
  • Letters and printed out texts from clients and employers that reflect on your artistry, hard work, dedication and loyalty. Hand-written notes are awesome, but so are screen shots. As you get these lovely letters, stick them right in your portfolio, so you don’t have to think about them.
  • Your resume (which should be absolutely current) including where you’ve worked and volunteered including any special events, fundraisers, celebrity or high profile clients of note.

Your portfolio should be with you all the time, so anybody can peruse your body of work. Keep it in a lovely high quality scrapbook that allows you to easily add more images or collateral.


Consider your portfolio as the hard copy of your best hair days, in addition to being the classiest way to market yourself.

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