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When they don’t want to Dye Their Gray

You have a client with gray hair. Maybe you’ve been coloring it for a while. Or maybe you wish you could.

And then, she announces…

I’m not dyeing my gray hair anymore.”

What do you do?

Accept, adjust, enhance.

Accept her decision. Ask her how she came to this decision.

We know one woman who comes from a long line of women who don’t dye their hair and she believes that dyeing hair is just not acceptable. We know another woman who wants to do the exact opposite of what she perceives as the “phony” crowd she hangs in. Some women talk about being natural or real. One woman we know told us she turned gray overnight after the sudden death of a loved one. Her gray hair was a symbol for her, not just of loss, but of remembering her special person and she simply can’t let her gray go.

Listen to whatever your client says so you really get it.

Then ask her if she has any concerns about being gray or any particular way she looks. You can also find out if she’s completely opposed to any color treatment or just opposed to “getting rid of” the gray.

Adjust your services. This may not be your typical cut and color. You now have to figure out how best to flatter her with the gray intact. Some possibilities include:

  • Adding color to certain sectors so that the overall shade of gray doesn’t wash out her face.
  • Giving extra treatment to dry or frizzy hair. Sometimes gray hair may need particular attention as it may tend towards being a bit wirier.
  • Creating a cut that adds volume at the crown or width. Grayer hair (and older hair) often needs a volumizing boost, delivered from a combination of product, style of cut and professional blow drying.


Enhance her looks. She is not going to change her mind about her gray now, maybe not ever. You may or may not be a fan of gray, but you have to be a fan of HER.

Make her beautiful, no matter the color of her crown.

We love these gray makeovers from O magazine: http://www.oprah.com/style/7-gorgeous-gray-hair-makeovers/1

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