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When Your Clients are Blowing It: Teaching your clients how to Blow Dry at Home

You’re putting the finishing touches on the perfect hair style and you’re about to turn her around so she can see herself in the mirror.

We know that what keeps your clients coming back is the beautiful way they feel when you have completed your styling. They love the way they look at the great moment of the reveal! And that’s your favorite part of the day: the moment that keeps you going as a stylist.

Your clients are mostly realistic. They know they can’t recreate your artistry at home. They are not professionals.

But you can use your time in the booth to do some minimal education. Your clients won’t be able to replicate your professional expertise. But maybe they can extend that beautiful, confident feeling. You can judiciously give some tips to your clients to help them achieve better daily results while retaining them as loyal, regular customers.

Start with chatting about blow drying. It’s one aspect of their daily lives that they are getting wrong. Really wrong. Without giving away major trade secrets, you have the power to maximize their at-home hair regimen by reminding your clients:

  • Go for power and not temperature. It’s a common amateur mistake to want to dry the hair quickly, using too high a temperature. You can let them know that they should opt for higher power, but the lowest temperature possible.
  • Sealing the cuticle. Clients definitely don’t understand the cuticle and the role that it plays in contributing to frizziness. As you’re blow drying, you can explain how you are keeping the cuticle in mind. This also lets them know that all of the fussing around their hair has a definite purpose. It’s not just for show!
  • Make friends with the attachments. You know very well the value of the diffuser and the concentrators, but your clients ignore them at their own peril. As you’re attaching them, you might just mention why and how you are using them.
  • Products. Explain the products you use and why. Most amateurs don’t apply product before blow-drying, only afterwards. Your clients are savvy enough to know that you receive some commission on product sales and you can acknowledge that too, while still saying, “But it works!”

You are very important in the eyes of your customers. They look to you as a stylist and are receptive to education about beauty. You ARE more than their stylist. You are their beauty consultant and a true professional expert. Showcase your expertise with occasional gentle lessons.

Repeat if desired.

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