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Which Red Works for Her?

You know your reds.

For those not in the hair industry, red is red is red.

But you know better. There’s ginger, copper, cherry red, auburn, red mahogany and burgundy, just to name a few.

You’re the expert at mixing the colors to get the best result.

But the real task is not just creating the color. The essential task at hand is matching the correct color to the skin tone of your customer (and convincing them that this is the best color for them).

Reds are typically divided into warm reds and cool reds.

Warm red hair colors include ginger, copper and auburn and nicely complement fair skin with pink or golden undertones.

Cool red hair colors include ruby, red violet and burgundy. They work better with darker-skinned ladies.

Classic Warm Reds:

Pale, fair skin can have golden undertones or pink undertones. Try to place pink versus yellow swatches of cloth or paper right next to her to see which looks better next to her face. Those with pink undertones often fare better with a strawberry blonde shade.

Those fair-skinned people with golden undertones (often they also have some freckles)  need a golden-tinged red, like your classic ginger or a ginger with highlights or even a copper.

Not Too Warm, not too cold:

Light to medium skin can handle a large variety of reds. This skin tone benefits from variations of color in the hair from light to dark with some golden highlights. She would do well avoiding straight up brassy reds and her features would be enhanced with golden-red elements. But they can also go with portions of dark hair and can be quite flattered by auburn sectors nearing the face or crown.

Cool Red Hair:

For lighter tan or coffee-colored skin, the red hue can actually become “brighter” approaching varieties of cherry and scarlet (but not full-on red yet).

Deeper Tan: As skin tone moves from tan to dark brown, the best bet is to avoid the orange shades and move towards really classic reds with even sometimes a purple hue. You will find that very dark-skinned women can often handle a huge variety of color, even an orange if they are willing!

As you observe people in your salon who decide to “go red”, make a note of whether it’s a good match. You will begin to develop your own color matching sense and become an even more valuable color expert.

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