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Working is a Workout, but Not Enough

You are a professional who stands on your feet for long periods of time. In addition, you are holding equipment, bending forward, stooping and standing, cleaning, twisting and even standing on your toes. It sounds like that’s workout enough, but it’s not.

Stretch During the Day Take time every 30 minutes of standing to do a quick stretch. All of these stretches can be done with your feet apart, planted, facing forward or some can be done while seated.

  • Rolling the neck forward and to the sides.
  • Roll shoulders in a circle forward and backwards.
  • Stretch the upper back by finding a sturdy object that’s about waist high (a sink, your booth, a chair that is not on wheels or even your car door). Place one foot slightly in front of the other, soften the knees and bend forward, pulling away from the object that you are holding. Keep that position for a few seconds.
  • While sitting or standing, lift up one foot. Gently point and flex the toes. Be particularly careful about pointing the toes if you are susceptible to leg cramps. Nor move the ankle in circles, clockwise and then counter-clockwise.
  • Stretch your arms out over your head. Ball your hands into fists and then gently let them out. Circle your wrists slowly clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Don’t Skip Workouts.Because your job is physically demanding, you need to be in good shape. Working out with weights as well as doing some light cardiovascular exercise will add to your strength and endurance.

Weight-bearing exercises that strengthen your legs, arms and abdominals will give you strength and tone your body to allow you to be vertical for long periods of time.

You may also benefit from the gentler stretches of a yoga or Pilates class.

Regular, brisk cardiovascular activity of 30 minutes a day is a good healthy goal for all adults. Be careful of activities that stress your knees as you are on your feet all day.

You may be able to combine these activities into circuit training, also called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or Tabata-style circuits. These are set routines which pair short bursts of cardiovascular exercise with weight-bearing (sometimes with dumbbells or weight machines, sometimes just with body weight). A 30 minute circuit goes by very quickly and is an efficient use of your time off work.

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